Thursday, March 24, 2016

When you find out your ex has a baby (for the third time)

It wasn't the first time I had spoken to this ex in 13 months but it was the first time they mentioned having a 6 month old baby.

Of course I did the math right away. How long after we broke up did "it" happen?? Leave some leeway for not knowing right away but seriously, how could he have JUST mentioned it? I guess it's weird to email an ex and say, "hey, I'm a dad now, hope you're good!" but it just took me off guard.

Three exes have now had babies with the person immediately after me.

Breakups must exude fertility vibes. I dunno.

The baby is super cute though and the awkward moment has mostly passed. I came home to my sweet love who hugged me tight and everything else melted away.

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