Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My to do list:

-- Hem the overly long curtains downstairs by ripping the shit out of them and then ironing on cheap ass hem iron-on hem tape because I am sure as fuck not taking them off the curtain rod now after all that work.

-- Hem the bedroom curtains BEFORE putting them up because, well, lessons.

-- Buy low VOC paint so no one dies of fumes when painting teen's room.

-- Sneak the final 8,000 cardboard moving boxes to recycling and hope the little old lady living next to it doesn't peak out like every other time and scold me for not getting the exact placement on the curb just right.

-- Accept that buying extra curtain clips for $2.99 from Ikea isn't worth the trouble returning them. (Heck, I would PAY someone that amount to just avoid setting foot in there.)

-- Assemble last piece of cheap and shitty furniture.

-- Spackle and sand the shit out of the drywall over the kitchen sink in last-ditch attempt to smooth out the botched plumbing disaster. If this fifth time doesn't work, then learn how to install a tile backsplash.

-- Buy a new blanket that is actually fucking wide enough for two fucking people.

-- Re-integrate into society.